Cyborg Ingredients (E-Prime translation 2002)

Genetic privacy? *shrug*
It takes more than just a biological blueprint and circuit diagram to reconstitute a cyborg.
Cloning or genetic modifications shouldn't hurt the sense of individuality - bring it on. In the future it may have all the characteristics of a pointless exercise - to worry about others having access to your entire genetic code...
You drop so many copies of your DNA every minute that it'll take extreme and possibly impractical effort to keep secret. The issue should probably register no more importance than whether or not others know what type of CPU you run. Letting others have knowledge of your DNA and other system information constitutes something of a security risk, but the biological/mechanical/electrical hardware alone doesn't define you the cyborg. Just as critical can we consider the information structures,memories,storage and the 'software' running on your CPUs and neurons...and... more and more, the 'network'
With perpetually networked cyborgs, at what point in cyberspace does an individual cyborg begin and end?
Individuals seem often to consider memories to form a fundamental part of the definition of self..
The future may increasingly see the 'network' acting as a shared memory for countless cyborgs... still very much individuals ... but with greater pools of commonality than the non-augmented humans.


'Translated' to 'E-Prime' December 2002 as an exercise in my initial consideration of E-Prime and it's effect on thought and the way I express ideas.
I found the translation a little difficult, as the elimination of "to be" and all it's forms forced me to rethink the meaning and intention behind my statements.
E-prime involves 'translation' as opposed to mere 'conversion'.
I think I have tended to leave some implicit "to be's" in there, and so I don't know if I should consider this to follow the spirit of E-Prime or not...
e.g "you the cyborg" suggests to me a contraction of a concept something like "you, who is/are a cyborg"
Indeed the very core of this little piece of writing, involved in my original intentions the notion of "being" a cyborg.
I now consider it more in terms of "having cyborg characteristics and qualities", due I suspect in part at least to the influence of the E-Prime philosophy.
Perhaps I should think of "you the cyborg" as meaning something more like "you, who wear(s) the label 'cyborg'" (grammatical butchering aside!)
I have probably also cheated a bit by using loose/sloppy grammatical structures and a somewhat conversational tone in parts. In particular, "... still very much individuals... " implies to me "are" so I could or maybe should have translated it as something like "still very much acting and/or behaving as individuals"
I tentatively mourn the loss of the passive voice in E-Prime writing.
Where above, I may more naturally (though still a little clumsily) have writen: "Just as critical can be considered.."
I've chosen to replace this with:
"Just as critical can we consider.."
This irks me a little, as I don't usually like to employ the royal 'we' or 'one'.
I thought of some more natural sounding alternatives, but didn't wish to re-order the overall structure of that particular sentence.
At the time of this exercise, I see the loss of the passive structure as a 'casualty', or 'side effect' of E-Prime that in my current state of understanding, doesn't really contribute to E-Prime's goals, but I guess I can learn to live without it.
See the non - 'E-Prime' version as originally composed - December 2000
Author: Julian Marcel Noble
julian at cyberclad dot com

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