Cyborg Ingredients

Genetic privacy? *shrug*
It takes more than just a biological blueprint and circuit diagram to reconstitute a cyborg.
Cloning or genetic modifications shouldn't hurt the sense of individuality - bring it on. In the future it may be pointless worrying about others having access to your entire genetic code...
You drop so many copies of your DNA every minute that it'll be difficult to keep secret. It's probably no more important than whether or not others know what type of CPU you're running. Letting others have knowledge of your DNA and other system information is something of a security risk, but the biological/mechanical/electrical hardware alone doesn't define you the cyborg. Just as critical are information structures,memories,storage and the 'software' running on your CPUs and neurons...and... more and more, the 'network'
With perpetually networked cyborgs, at what point in cyberspace does an individual cyborg begin and end?
Memories may often be considered as being part of the definition of who we are..
The future may increasingly see the 'network' acting as a shared memory for countless cyborgs... still very much individuals... but with greater pools of commonality than the non-augmented humans.

Julian Noble December 2000

See the E-Prime version (and notes) I made in December 2002

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