Everything is shrinking

(just an amateur's ramblings on cosmology and the nature of gravity...)

JMN 2008-04

I've never found big-bang theory particularly satisfying. This is hardly surprising though, considering I don't get involved in the maths of it - which I'm sure is beautiful to those who understand such things.

The idea of 'the expansion of space itself' is hard to get your head around (especially if you don't see any particular reason to consider that the universe may have boundaries or 'edges').
It makes much more sense to me to consider it as 'everything is shrinking'. The two concepts should be equivalent as far as I can see.
(yes everything - therefore also atoms & subatomic particles)

That the distance* between atoms & subatomic particles presumably doesn't change - implies matter is constantly moving in reaction against the shrinking.
(* 'distance' considered from within their own shrinking frame of reference - though if everything is shrinking - then the only other frame of reference is 'historic' I guess)

Consider two stationary objects in space. If they're shrinking - then from their perspective, they seem to be moving away from each other.
This also implies there is momentum. You couldn't shrink without increasing the relative momentum between them. Effectively this implies to me that to shrink, and conserve momentum - there would have to be a counterbalancing effect to the shrinking.

Seems to me this is what gravity is.
ie 'gravity is conservation of momentum'

or.. gravity is actually just the effect of the shrinking of matter. (or put another way.. gravity is actually just the effect of the expansion of space)

That there is a greater gravitational effect near massive bodies would I guess arise from the net effect of all the particles conserving relative momentum - continuously collapsing their shrink-inspired separations - maintaining their relative distances and generating a field of 'requirement to conserve momentum' due to the continuing shift.

Ok - sheer clueless crackpottery - but fun to think about.
Now to consider *why* everything might shrink, whether the concept of a 'speed' of shrinking makes sense and if so whether it is constant and whether it is uniform throughout space.
oh - and what might happen if the shrinking stopped ;)

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