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Testing FreeBSD DOV using a Traverse NETjet-S and NETSpider

Feb 2003

FreeBSD 4.7 Release at both ends
Dialling out using userland PPP on the Traverse NETjet-S pci card (Telstra Onramp HomeHighway in Australia)
Patched i4b sources on the dialout machine. If you get "cause 100" disconnections - a message about an invalid information element - it might mean you've done something silly like patching and building the i4b stuff after adding the various ISDN options to your kernel and rebuilding it. The i4b patch affects some kernel level code - so obviously you want to rebuild your kernel after applying the i4b patch.
Receiving the dov call using the Traverse NETspider-SX external terminal adapter and MPD (Multi-link PPP daemon).
On the NETspider I flashed the latest firmware revision on the Traverse site - 1.08
This version allows you to issue the AT command \V1 so that it'll only answer DOV calls.
No need for i4b stuff on the receiving box as it just appears as a modem to MPD.
So far I seem to be getting a 64K connection ok .. but the latency seems to be a little higher than I expected - rarely better than about 60ms and varies a bit up to around 90ms. I was hoping for more like 30ms. (I'm just using ping to test latency).
I'm having a little trouble with the mpd.conf and mpd.script. If I force the line to disconnect by killing PPP on the dialling end or just pulling out an ISDN cable momentarily, the answer-ring script doesn't reset the NETspider properly. It just get's itself into a state where it reckons it's getting no response from the modem.
This is a bit nasty if the dialling machine retries continuously and/or rapidly, because calls get answered but fail to go into the PPP stage - thus racking up flagfall costs.
I'll post some config samples and more details at some stage..

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