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Wise 9 Ys

A stern admonishment given to time traveller's children upon their first attempt to tinker with their own past:
"You're your yore you, yet you yaw your yore".
It means: "Your very being is the sum of your past, yet you deflect the chain of events which created you" (Also well applied to revisionist autobiographers and historians!)
Time travellers, being accustomed as they are to time flowing backwards, have oft spoken it in reverse as:
"Yore your yaw you, yet you yore your you're",
which may sound uneducated to the unaccustomed ear, but is actually a wistful take on growing up or going straight after an exciting life of profitable crime (usually involving peeking ahead at lotto numbers), and translates as:
"you can put your wayward, swerving self behind you, but you lose an important part of yourself in the process and in effect become someone else."

Julian Marcel Noble - 2009

While casting about for interesting technologies that run 'close to the metal' with a view to finding an efficient platform for wearable computing,
the F21 chip and the Forth language have caught my attention:
The MIT work on exokernels also looks appealing:

Miscellaneous News
A Sixth Sense for a Wired World - Implanting rare-earth magnets in the fingertips to sense magnetic fields. (2006-06-07)
University of Florida researchers make progress on tiny cell
US Military Police (Soldiers Test 'Digital MP System';Army News Service;2000-11-13)
Kanagawa Institute of Technology in Japan develops a prototype exoskeleton - "power suit" (NewScientist article 2001-07-25)
Cyborg Technology Links
The MIT Wearable Computing Web Page
ISWC - International Symposium on Wearable Computers
Wearables Central (Links & News)
One-Handed Typing Devices (Tech Review)
HandyKey (Devices)
Helmet Displays In Aviation (US Army)
The Department of Cybernetics, The University of Reading
The Department of Cybernetics, The University of Reading - Professor Kevin Warwick
Dr. Bruce H. Thomas
Wearable WebRing   (I'll add to the ring when it has more to show for itself than just a bunch of links)
Extreme Computing's Cyborg page - check the 'Regional Cyborg Groups' page

A tiny fraction of the links out there on wearable/cyborg tech are displayed here..
If some links break, let me know, I have some material archived in case it moves.

Anyone in Sydney Australia interested in forming a 'cybernetics'/'wearable computer' club? (or know of one that already exists?)

email me: julian

Everything is shrinking

Over time I'll collect a few pages of rambling non-expert clue here:
This'll consist of various technical misconceptions and cluelessness that have at some stage befuddled me, listed here in the hope that one day a search engine may match a clue-hunter with a clue. Usually one should/could assume the existence of much better sources of clue out there on the net... this little collection just exists because at the time I found myself nonplussed - my web searches turned up little. (or I exhibited such cluelessness that I searched for the wrong things). If anything carved on my cluestick actuallly helped you - I'd like to know.

Cyborg Ingredients

Genetic privacy? *shrug*
It takes more than just a biological blueprint and circuit diagram to reconstitute a cyborg.
Cloning or genetic modifications shouldn't hurt the sense of individuality - bring it on. In the future it may have all the characteristics of a pointless exercise - to worry about others having access to your entire genetic code...
You drop so many copies of your DNA every minute that it'll take extreme and possibly impractical effort to keep secret. The issue should probably register no more importance than whether or not others know what type of CPU you run. Letting others have knowledge of your DNA and other system information constitutes something of a security risk, but the biological/mechanical/electrical hardware alone doesn't define you the cyborg. Just as critical can we consider the information structures,memories,storage and the 'software' running on your CPUs and neurons...and... more and more, the 'network'
With perpetually networked cyborgs, at what point in cyberspace does an individual cyborg begin and end?
Individuals seem often to consider memories to form a fundamental part of the definition of self..
The future may increasingly see the 'network' acting as a shared memory for countless cyborgs... still very much individuals ... but with greater pools of commonality than the non-augmented humans.

Julian Noble wrote the Original version in December 2000.
See the notes on this 2002 translation into E-Prime


I like programming in Tcl and Erlang - Preferably for use on the FreeBSD platform.
I maintain a very small repository of Tcl Modules that are generally also available elsewhere.

DARPA Exoskeleton Program
Transhumans,Posthumans etc
Angstrom Tools - (Nanotechnology - Scanning Tunneling Microscopes)
Stelarc - (Australian-Based performance artist dealing with human/machine interfaces ) [ed note: I found it somewhat strange to find someone treating this subject matter, which I perceive as science/progress, as 'art'.. maybe that's the whole point.. I guess I just don't grok some aspects of art... this guy does great stuff though.]
Tiquit - Mobile & Wearable Technology
Optical Engineering Challenges of the Virtual Retinal Display - - Human Interface Tech Lab

Constructor Links
Vacuforming (Thermoforming) of Plastics
DonTronics Home PageThe World's Largest Range of Atmel/AVR & PICmicro Hardware and Software.

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